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Exploring the world of creativity  is one of the best activities you can do for your brain. By getting involved in creative activities, you can keep your brain active, young, and healthy, no matter your age or ability. There are many interesting activities to explore which can help free your mind and develop your senses, your thinking,  and your impressions of yourself.


Tania Rose works one-on-one with clients in a nurturing and positive environment, incorporating the needs, goals and learning styles of the individual across a range of creative modalities, which may include music, visual art and writing. Creative sessions are designed specifically for the client, exploring a wide range of concepts and applications. Tania works together as a team with clients of all abilities in order to maximize positive outcomes which facilitate positive growth through multiple creative experiences.


As well as being an educator and therapist, Tania Rose is a professional artist, performer, writer and musician, practicing across a range of creative modalities including music, theatre, visual arts, dance-theatre and creative therapies. Tania works with professional performers and creatives who seek new ways to explore their creativity and improve their professional experience. She also works with clients who may be new to the creative experience who wish to explore something different and meaningful.


Tania Rose is a passionate teaching artist, arts psychotherapist and counsellor with 30 years of experience in special needs and access creativity in the Performing Arts. Tania works with both children and adults who may be atypical, specializing in developing learning and experiential programs for clients based on their individual needs, and providing experiences which facilitate personal growth and development through creativity. Tania’s enthusiasm for individual creativity is driven by a desire to provide ongoing opportunities for people of all ages and abilities who may require or desire an unorthodox or improvised approach. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have sessions for?

You can have sessions for as long as you like. You might find that you develop an interest in a particular modality, such as music, textiles, visual art or sculpture. You might finish your creation in your session and you might also take it home to work on it. Some times clients like to work on a particular creative project over many sessions (such as writing a song or painting a picture), whilst others might like to have just a few sessions to find  a creative direction in their lives.

You are not required to bring anything to your first session, however you might choose to bring examples of what you have been working on if you are already working creatively, or perhaps pictures of what you would like to work on, however this is not required. Everything you need in your session will be provided. Working with some materials can get messy, so it is advisable you wear appropriate clothing and bring an apron.

What happens during a creative session?

Every session is different, and will depend on your interests and your learning needs. You will be introduced to different materials and creative tools and will create something in each session. Your first session will be a chance for you to get to know your me and share information and explore a direction suitable for you. After your initial session you and I will work as a team to develop a working relationship directed towards your goals and aspirations in creative experiences.

What are your fees?

Sessions either run for 60mins ($120) or 90 mins ($150). Each session is one-on-one, with just you and I working together. These are not group sessions. Materials and tools for each session are provided.

How can I find out what times you have available?

Just send me a message below and I'll be in contact with you shortly. Session times are limited to availability.

What do i need to bring to my first session?

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