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Learning an instrument and exploring the world of music is one of the best activities you can do for your brain. By getting involved in music, you can keep your brain active, young, and healthy, no matter your age or ability. There are many music-related activities to explore which can help free your mind and develop your senses and sense of self.












Tania Rose works one-on-one with clients in a nurturing and positive environment, incorporating the needs, goals and learning styles of the individual. Lessons are designed specifically for the client, exploring a wide range of musical concepts and applications. Tania works together as a team with clients of all abilities in order to maximize positive outcomes which facilitate positive growth.


Tania Rose is a passionate Teaching Artist with over 28 years of experience in special needs and access creativity in the Performing Arts. Tania works with both children and adults who may be atypical, specialising in developing learning and experiential programs for students based on their individual needs, and providing experiences which facilitate personal growth and development through creativity.
Tania’s enthusiasm for individual creativity is driven by a desire to provide ongoing opportunities in creative expression for students of all ages and abilities who may require or desire an unorthodox or improvised approach. 



As well as being an educator Tania Rose is a professional performer, songwriter, composer, and counsellor practicing across a range of creative modalities including music, theatre, visual arts, dance-theatre and creative therapies. Tania works with professional performers and creatives who seek new ways to explore their creativity and improve their professional experience.



Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during a music lesson?

Every session is different, and will depend on your instrument/s and your learning needs. Your first session will be a chance for you to get to know your teacher and share information and explore a direction suitable for you. After your initial session you and your teacher will work as a team to develop a working relationship directed towards your goals and aspirations in the world of music

What are your fees?

Sessions run for 1 hour and fees are $80 per session. Tutorials need to be regular to be of benefit, and I would generally recommend weekly or fortnightly sessions. Payments are made at the beginning of each session.

How long will I need to have music lessons for?

You will need to book in a regular weekly music lesson which will usually take place at the same time every week. You then just need to let us know if you are unable to make a booked session within 24hours (Cancellation fees may apply).

Learning the craft of music is an ongoing pursuit, but you first need to see if you enjoy the process. You can cancel your booking with us at any time, but we do suggest you give it a go for a few months to begin with.

How can I find out what times you have available?

Just send me a message below and I'll be in contact with you shortly.

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