New Releases for 2013


2013 has been marked as a big year for Tania Rose, with more than one release in the pipeline. The debut album for Muscular Rose (her collaboration with Adelaide artist Peter Grigoriadis) is now available at the Muscular Rose store. The album, Born To Be Free, highlights a unique writing style for this pair of creative cohorts, with the result being a downbeat collection of fresh songs and moody instrumentals, and is a detour from Tania's previous releases.

The new sleep album, "Dimensions", (the follow-up to the acclaimed "Drift") is now available as a download. Head on over to the store for more details and to hear a snippet.

Tania Rose composed the soundtrack to the critically acclaimed "Coral Sea Dreaming" more than twenty years ago. World renowned under water cinematographer David Hannan has created an outstanding new movie entitled "Coral Sea Dreaming Awaken". This gave Tania the opportunity to revisit the score and the results of this are now available as the new soundtrack "Coral Sea Dreaming Awaken". In the store there is the opponrtunity to listen to the closing track in full (Angels of the Sea) using our in-store player.