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Arts Therapist, Counsellor, Musician, Performer, Artist

Life can be so many things. It can be about my family (including my dogs), my garden, my music, or my work. It can be in the time I spend with others, in sharing stories and circumstances, and it can be in the quiet times I spend in my own company, with just the sound of the birds in quiet contemplation. Life can be in the great book I'm reading, or the friends I see far too infrequently, and also in the strangers I have the good fortune to meet.


I choose to live with a cup-half-full. I'm optimistic for the future and care deeply about those whom I encounter. We're all on this journey together, and we have the opportunity to see the positive as we travel together.


I can get excited about the little things, as much as the big things, and love a good laugh. I think and feel deeply, love to explore myself and the world around me, and am curious about a lot of things. Perhaps this is why I like to study. I want to know, to understand, and to grow.

Life is good.

Born in 1971, Tania Rose has been working in the Australian Creative Arts Industry since 1988. In the early days of her career Tania worked on various independent films and arts projects as a music composer, production assistant and freelance creative in Adelaide, South Australia. After co-founding disability dance company RESTLESS DANCE COMPANY in 1990 (now RESTLESS DANCE THEATRE), Tania’s work took on a more big-picture flavour, and her major film composition work in the soundtrack to the  multi-award-winning film CORAL SEA DREAMING became life-changing.

Moving to Sydney in 1993 (New South Wales), Tania continued her work in establishing projects for artists with disabilities and minority groups, but it was early days in the field, and many of the projects could not get ongoing support.Tania set up Artscope Music and Management in 1996 in an effort to consolidate her work across the Arts Industry. Tania spent much of her time over the next few years teaching music and working as a recording artist, releasing several new-age soundtrack-style music albums along the way, including the album DRIFT (a sleep album which remained on the AMAZON top10 album charts for over 7 years). She was a NSW semi-finalist in the 1998 Young Australian of the Year Awards (Medibank Private Arts Award), and became a  NSW State Emergency Services Volunteer, President of Camden Local Youth group Inc Management Committee, and Media Officer for the Camden Art Prize, before starting a family.

Tania continued her musical work, and went on to write the book MINDFUL NURTURING – Parenting in Thoughtful Ways (Published 2016), created the Mindful Change Project, and continued her work with private music students with and without learning challenges and disabilities. Tania became a Teaching Artist (Theatre and Stagecraft) at The Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre in 2017 working with the StudioQ theatre training program and access classes (disabilities). She went on to complete her Certificate of Life Coaching and Diploma of Counselling in 2018, and is currently completing her Arts Psychotherapy degree (2020).

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